Wedding party

A smashing party at the end of the day will make your wedding day complete! We have room for a party with DJ up to 200 persons. Please let us inform you about all possibilities like a photo booth, LED stage, a toast with all the guets, et cetera.

For groups above 70 persons we have a special tariff. You pay € 2,20for coffee, tea, beer and soda drinks and € 3,00 for white and red housewine.

We also have a ‘drinking-paggage’ for 4 1/2 hours. You pay € 27,- per person.

During your party we serve you different kind of snacks.

‘Délicieux’ à € 9,00 p.p.
Canapé smoked salmon
Meergranen gandaham
Mini wrap with goatcheese
Stuffed egg
2x Bitterbal

 ‘Fantastique’ à 12,50 p.p.
Canapé carpaccio
Shrimp cocktail
Small appetizer
Meergranen with cheese
Canapé met smoked salmon
2x Bitterbal