High tea

We serve our high tea with several teas, coffee and a glass of orange juice.

The ‘savory’ part:
Mini wrap with tuna salad
Mini wrap with goat cheese
Salmon on farmer bread
Canapé with duckbreast and a fig compote
Small French bread with Pate

The ‘sweet’ part:
Home made apple pie
Chocolat brownie
Belgian chocolate
Cup cake
Strawberry muffin
Scone with marmalade
Whipped cream

You can start your high tea between 11.30 am and 3 pm. It takes about 2 hours and will end at 5 pm. Reservation is needed a few days before starting. Our high tea starts from 2 persons. Groups from 20 persons will have the buffet option.
Our high tea is € 18,50 for adults and € 10,00 for children.


€ 3,95

Small cup of wild mushroom soup
€ 3,75

Fresh fruit salad
€ 4,25

Quiche Lorraine: vegetable pie (from 20 persons)
€ 3,25


Our high wine has 4 courses:

  1. Prosecco with nuts
  2. White wine with small fish bites
  3. Red wine with small meat bites
  4. Red port with cheese

Price: € 31,00 p.p.