History Restaurant Boswachter Liesbosch

Restaurant Boswachter Liesbosch is housed in the former gamekeeper house of Prince Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange. The restaurant has been a family business for four generations now.


The restaurant has its origins in 1924. On November 4, Bart and Antoinette Takx decide to take over the public house ‘Boswachter’. At that time, the visitors still travel by horse and wagon. The horses are stretched upon arrival and get some food , hence the word tavern. At that time it is still a real seasonal establishment. In the winter there’s only a lost hiker in the woods and in the spring the chairs and tables are put outside for the first visitors. That same chairs and tables are even on the terrace now.

At that time visitors may make tea themselves which they bring from home. Only the water for the tea is provided by us. So guests can enjoy in the beautiful garden under ancient trees for a few pennies a day.

After the war, the restaurant is taken over by Wout Takx and his wife Cornelia. Cornelia appears to be a real kitchen princess and many of her recipes we use in the year 2015. Wout prefers working with his hands and is a real carpenter. The chairs in the restaurant are also made ​​by him, with wood from the Liesbos . The restaurant is still a seasonal thing.

From the beginning of the fifties arises the phenomenon of ‘bus customers ‘. From that time large buses run in the Liesbos . Seasonality ceases to exist . In 1973 Bert Takx and his wife Joke take over the company from his father. Bert, as an architectural, expand the business to the five different rooms that are there now.

The different rooms are built in the style of the old ‘Forester house’ and the entire restaurant gets the same character. The restaurant is thus ideally suited for the organization of wedding receptions and dinners. Joke creates the cozy ambience of the company. In all these years the restaurant has grown considerably, but the company has retained the homely character.

In the year 2000 Robbert Takx takes over the restaurant. At this moment he is the 4th generation. Together with his wife Wanda they sure guarantee to continue this great family business alive. We wish you a pleasant time at Restaurant Boswachter Liesbosch!

”Manger est un besoin, savoir manger est un art!”